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Friday, March 30, 2012

Choke Canyon Bass Fishing Report

We had  a ton of fun today!  The white bass were spawning around 4 fingers point along with the shad and just going crazy.  We pulled up there to catch some largemouth bass, but ended up whaling on the whites for 3-4  hours straight.  To much fun to stop.  Caught them on chrome H2O Shad Rap style crankbaits.  Once that bite slowed down with the sun getting higher in the sky we switched to fishing for largemouth.

We stayed on the lower portion of the lake and focused on the gravel areas in pockets and bushes within the pockets.  Flipping and casting watermelon/red flukes dipped in chartreuse we caught quite a few.  Nothing big as the majority were males and some smaller females.

They were pulling water from the lake like mad today which I feel had an effect on the bass.  Many were suspended in open water.  For the life of me I cannot figure out why they are pulling the lake.  It is a good 13 feet low and needs all the water it can get.  I guess they feel the lake drying out and going 30 feet low will be good for it for some odd reason.... grrrrrr!  Very frustrating!!!

Best of luck,
Bassin' Dave

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Choke Canyon Bass Fishing Report

They are back!!!  If you were wondering where the bass had gone on Choke Canyon?  The answer is nowhere!  They were just taking a "high pressure" break, but with the weather change of some low pressure and a little rain the bite has picked up considerably along with the spawn.  Mother nature is amazing and so is the bass's attitude!

This weather pattern is supposed to hold through Saturday so the bite should continue to be good.  Both the main lake and the river are producing right now.  Start early with faster moving baits like spinnerbaits, squarebilled crankbaits, and chatterbaits.  Slow down as the bite from the bass tells you to and go to soft plastics.  Keep your eyes open for bass movement and shadows of light or dark as this can tip you off to some bedding bass.  Pitch a soft plastic lure into the bed and pay attention to your line.  This time of year, the bass are really good at just picking it up and moving it sideways without you feeling a more traditional tap.

There are a lot of bass that are done with the spawn at this point.  Many are being caught on Carolina Rigs and Crankbaits in deeper water, around 15-25 ft. as they recoup from the spawn.  It won't be long and these bass will return to the shallows to feed on bluegill and shad.  In fact, from what we are catching, I think many have already.

Also, the alligators are really paired up and are beginning to show some territorial behavior.  I have found that they will not bother you.  They will bluff you however, so just keep fishing and you will notice that they will go under water after approaching and realizing you are not afraid of them.  Actually, it is kind of cool to see them up close and hear them hiss and growl a bit!!  Or, maybe I am just crazy????

Best of luck,
Bassin' Dave

Monday, March 26, 2012

Choke Canyon Bass Fishing Report

Over the last few days we have seen a weather change from windy low pressure to calm, virtually no wind, high pressure.  While much more pleasant for fishing, it has led to a tougher bite.  The spawn has been very strange this year and has not followed a traditional cycle like I have seen the last few years.  Part of that could be the low water, the lake is down around 13 ft.  Some other factors could be the weather patterns, the lake has warmed very quickly, mid and upper 70s in a couple weeks from the upper 50s, and lack of grass.

On the main lake the following has been true and I would expect another push of females shallow any day so there will be some good reports of big fish caught on the main lake following this report.

There are a bunch of smaller males up shallow.  These can be caught on a number of baits, but spinnerbaits and squarebilled crankbaits have been best early, with soft plastics picking up the work in the afternoon.  You will find some females up here and there, but the majority seem to be staging or recovering in a bit deeper water.  I have found some bigger females staging around brush in 3.5 to 9 feet of water and have caught most of them flipping soft plastics to the brush.

The river has begun to produce some really good quality the last few days.  By the river, I mean above 99 bridge.  Between flipping hardwoods and throwing a spinnerbait around them, I have been averaging better than 3.5 to 4 pounds per bass.  Some days are producing a lot of fish while others not as many, but the quality is there.

For other species, the crappie are spawning all over the lake.  There are still white bass running up the river and have begun to school on the main lake chasing shad down by the dam.

** Above 99 there are a lot of flats with super shallow water and old metal fence posts.  Be aware of where you are so you don't damage your equipment.

Best of luck,
Bassin' Dave

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Choke Canyon Bass Fishing Report

Catching lots of bass has been the name of the game at Choke Canyon the last few days.  It has been a windy mess making most of the lake unfishable, but in the areas you could fish, you flat caught em'.  With the fronts blowing through, most of the bass up on the bank were the males.  Some females would move in periodically which were very catchable when you found them.  My best and most consistent bite for the bigger females was in 7-12 feet of water off secondary points and along the edges of ditches and creeks running into the spawning pockets.

The best bite is from Mason's Point area to the Dam.  The water is pretty stained due to the wind stirring up the lake.  Green pumpkin, black, and dark browns have been the most productive for me.  Dipping the trailers or tails of plastics in chartreuse dye has been helpful, but not critical as we have had lots of bites without it too.

Water temperatures have climbed into the upper 60's and low 70's.  This has happened fast and even though a lot of bass have begun to spawn, I feel we still haven't seen the main spawn yet.

It is a great time to be bass fishing on Choke Canyon.  I look foward to seeing you on the lake.

Bassin' Dave

Friday, March 16, 2012

Choke Cayon Bass Fishing Report

The bass spawn is on!!  We hammered yesterday in less than 4 feet of water.  The best bait, swimming a jig!  The water temperature is in the upper 60's on the main lake and 73+ upriver.  I can tell you the best bite is everywhere on the main lake in the creeks and pockets.  There are still a lot of big bass staging, but there are a bunch moving up too.  The best color seemed to be a brown combination of some sort.

Go get em' and say hi if you see me on the water...

Bassin' Dave

Amistad Lake Bass Fishing Report

Spent Tuesday and Wednesday on Amistad.  I love going there, it is such a beautiful lake.  The water is clear and in the mid 60's.  The bass were beginning a strong move shallow to spawn.  We were able to catch a lot of smaller male bass shallow in the creeks and pockets, but the better quality fish came from areas of deeper, more vertical structure near the spawning areas.  These could be bluff walls or creek channel drops.  Color -  it was orange all the way!!!  We used Texas rigged brown/orange rage craws and on our Carolina rigs, pumpkin/green fleck 5" Yum Dingers.  I would expect the bigger fish to move off the deep/vertical structure and into the spawning beds at this point.

Hope that helps you catch your personal best!
Bassin' Dave

Monday, March 12, 2012

Choke Canyon Bass Fishing Report

The water in Choke continues to be fairly stained.  We have had some rain which we need as the lake is 12.5 feet low.  The water temp on the lake is in the low 60's and upper 60's up the river.  The bass are definately hitting the beds.  I have started catching a lot of bass on jigs and squarebill crankbaits working in and around spawning areas.  The bigger females, with the cold front, pulled back to the points where they could be caught on deep cranks and Carolina rigs.  They won't stay there long.  So I would start shallow and let the bass tell you different.

Your full-time guide,
Bassin' Dave

Falcon Lake Bass fishing

The weather was less than great, but the fish were biting if you were lucky enough to figure out where they went.  Well many in the bass champs tournament were as it took 30 pounds in 5 fish to get a check and 39 pounds to win.  I, however, was not one of them.

Started the morning fishing crankbaits outside of spawning areas in 8-12 feet of water.  In the first 30 minutes had a 9 pounder crush the bait and I thought it was on.  For what ever reason, my bite was done for the most part.  i could never connect with the bass no matter what I tried.

So here is what the successful anglers did.  They fished jigs on steeper banks and isolated rock piles in 4-18 feet of water.  Hit the right area and you caught em quick and big.  Smaller fish were caught shallow on spinnerbaits and worms.

I know, doesn't sound tough.  Guess it is why it is frustrating, but that is bass fishing.

Falcon is a great lake and I hope you catch your personal best.

Bassin, Dave

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Canyon Lake Bass Fishing Report

Wow, today was great on Canyon lake.  The water is 10 feet low and crystal clear.  We had wind blowing 15+ most of the day and overcast, but warm with a high of 77.  It is the day before a major cold front.  Water temp was 60 to 62.  We caught around 40 bass today from half way back in creeks to the back.  Most of our bites came on 45 degree pea gravel and chunk rock banks.

First thing, our bites were in 17-21 feet of water where the bottom dropped into the actual creek channel.  As the day progressed, the bass moved really shallow to less than 4 feet of water on secondary points and then settled back to around 10 feet on the 45 banks.

We used Zoom baby brush hawgs in watermelon candy, Berkeley Havoc Creature baits in Okechobee Craw, and Square billed crankbaits in a chartreuse/brown crawdad pattern.  The soft plastics were rigged Texas style with a 1/4 ounce bullet sinker.

Best of luck on your next day out,
Bassin' Dave

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Choke Canyon Bass Fishing Report - March

The water temperature has continued to rise into the mid 60's pretty consistently.  We are getting some rain and the bass are pushing shallow in a big way.   There are bass from the mouth to the very backs of creeks and are really setting up for the spawn.  Look for the majority of the bigger females to still be in a staging mode.  Fish square billed crankbaits, chatterbaits, spinnerbaits, and rattletraps in 3-6 feet of water around the bushes and outside grasslines near good spawning areas.  Once you have located a fish or two, slow down in the area and really work it thoroughly mixing in senkos, creature baits, and worms fished Texas or Whacky style.

See you on the water,
Bassin' Dave

Lake Austin Bass Fishing Report

Lake Austin is an awesome lake located just west of Austin, Texas.  It has crystal clear water, some current, lots of docks, flooded vegetation, rock, and brush.  The best thing it has a ton of bass!  Right now, the water temperature is low to upper 60's and the bass are getting on the beds.  You can use a large variety of baits right now to cover water and then slow down when you find some spawners.  I would not hesitate to get on the lake and put your bed fishing talents to the test!! 

To your personal best,
Bassin' Dave

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Choke Canyon Bass Fishing Report

Choke Canyon is alive and well.  The water level is 12.5 feet low and slightly stained on the lower end and becomes more heavily stained to dirty as you move up the lake.  Water temperature has risen a bit running 59-62.  The buck (male) bass are beginning to move shallow in big numbers with a few females scattered out beginning to spawn.  The majority of the females are staging, but are moving in and out on a daily basis.  Look for the bass to still be fairly bunched up.  So if you catch one, focus on the area as you will catch several.

The full moon is coming up March 8th and there will be a huge spawning push by the bass.  I would begin with faster moving baits and then slow down when you catch one.  Adjust your colors and presentation of baits based on the water clarity and cover you face in the area you are fishing.

Choke Canyon is full of grass and brush.  With the low water, the grass is limited so many of the bass have begun to use the bushes.  Also look for harder bottoms that have some rock in them as these areas are preferred for spawning by the bass.

I did a couple of videos around the spawning time a couple years ago where I provide some details related to locating spawning bass.  I look to have some new ones shortly, but have included a link here so you can view the ones I have done - enjoy..... Choke Canyon Bass Fishing Videos.

Bassin' Dave