I have been a passionate bass fisherman since I was 5 years old and, like many, have spent my life pursuing my angling passion. My goal now is to bring both an Educational opportunity and a way for fishermen to continue to participate in the sport without a financial burden upon the family.

I recognize a consistent theme among those who fish; the recurring dream of wanting more money and/or time to fish when they want. More than that, David has personally felt the negative impact of an industry where prices on everything from tackle and equipment to boats and trucks to tournament entry fees and gas have continued to skyrocket. During this same time, wages have stalled or gone down and sponsor support has been cut to practically nothing. This has caused many fishermen to give up on their goals and dreams. So, David’s desire extends beyond fishing.

I founded Beyond Bassin’, a company that would open new opportunities anglers had to pursue their passion, goals, and dreams.

I invite you to take a look and get involved. Take hold of an opportunity to achieve the lifestyle you dream of - www.beyondbassin.com!

To your personal best -
Bassin' Dave

Monday, April 2, 2012

Choke Canyon Bass Fishing Report

Wow, what a great weekend on the Choke Canyon!  Between the white bass going crazy along the banks and the largemouth bass feeding like they haven't eatin' in months, my guests and I were able to catch a ton of fish.

I hope, if you were on the lake, you noticed that the shad are beginning to spawn.  Therefore, gravel banks are the key areas to focus on for your bites.  This shad activity is pulling the bass in.  It is also going to lead into a fantastic topwater bite this week.

You can catch a lot of smaller bass up shallow with some bigger ones mixed in.  The numbers of bigger bass up shallow will continue to increase over the next week.  We also have a full moon coming which will be, what I believe, the final big spawning push.

Over the weekend, the bigger female bass were staging in 6.5 - 9 feet of water around hardwoods.  We don't have the heavy grass in the lake this year so they are using the timber.  Working plastic worms with a 1/4 oz slip sinker in and around this deeper timber was key.

The lake is still being dumped at a very fast pace.  I cannot figure out why, nor can I get anyone to tell me why, but I have heard they are going to pull it 5 feet.  This will put the lake at 20 feet low, give or take.  It will also keep the bass spawning a bit deeper than normal so keep that in mind.

Best of luck and let me know if I can help when needing a guide,
Bassin' Dave

Friday, March 30, 2012

Choke Canyon Bass Fishing Report

We had  a ton of fun today!  The white bass were spawning around 4 fingers point along with the shad and just going crazy.  We pulled up there to catch some largemouth bass, but ended up whaling on the whites for 3-4  hours straight.  To much fun to stop.  Caught them on chrome H2O Shad Rap style crankbaits.  Once that bite slowed down with the sun getting higher in the sky we switched to fishing for largemouth.

We stayed on the lower portion of the lake and focused on the gravel areas in pockets and bushes within the pockets.  Flipping and casting watermelon/red flukes dipped in chartreuse we caught quite a few.  Nothing big as the majority were males and some smaller females.

They were pulling water from the lake like mad today which I feel had an effect on the bass.  Many were suspended in open water.  For the life of me I cannot figure out why they are pulling the lake.  It is a good 13 feet low and needs all the water it can get.  I guess they feel the lake drying out and going 30 feet low will be good for it for some odd reason.... grrrrrr!  Very frustrating!!!

Best of luck,
Bassin' Dave

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Choke Canyon Bass Fishing Report

They are back!!!  If you were wondering where the bass had gone on Choke Canyon?  The answer is nowhere!  They were just taking a "high pressure" break, but with the weather change of some low pressure and a little rain the bite has picked up considerably along with the spawn.  Mother nature is amazing and so is the bass's attitude!

This weather pattern is supposed to hold through Saturday so the bite should continue to be good.  Both the main lake and the river are producing right now.  Start early with faster moving baits like spinnerbaits, squarebilled crankbaits, and chatterbaits.  Slow down as the bite from the bass tells you to and go to soft plastics.  Keep your eyes open for bass movement and shadows of light or dark as this can tip you off to some bedding bass.  Pitch a soft plastic lure into the bed and pay attention to your line.  This time of year, the bass are really good at just picking it up and moving it sideways without you feeling a more traditional tap.

There are a lot of bass that are done with the spawn at this point.  Many are being caught on Carolina Rigs and Crankbaits in deeper water, around 15-25 ft. as they recoup from the spawn.  It won't be long and these bass will return to the shallows to feed on bluegill and shad.  In fact, from what we are catching, I think many have already.

Also, the alligators are really paired up and are beginning to show some territorial behavior.  I have found that they will not bother you.  They will bluff you however, so just keep fishing and you will notice that they will go under water after approaching and realizing you are not afraid of them.  Actually, it is kind of cool to see them up close and hear them hiss and growl a bit!!  Or, maybe I am just crazy????

Best of luck,
Bassin' Dave